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Engage Audiences with YouTube Marketing in New Zealand

With millions of daily visitors, YouTube advertising offers countless opportunities for brands looking to reach new leads and grow. Say kia ora to more customers with compelling and highly engaging video ads, alongside an experienced ads agency to help you get it right.

LocaliQ provides YouTube advertising services in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Wellington and all throughout New Zealand. Generate more conversions by creatively using the powerful medium of video. Boost brand exposure, generate leads or increase sales with a targeted YouTube marketing strategy tailored for your unique brand and marketing goals.

Gain Relevant Leads with YouTube Marketing Services

Discover the power of YouTube advertising for Kiwi businesses with ad campaigns that help your brand engage, convert and thrive in your industry. Join the largest online platform for user-generated content and capture new audiences with cost-effective YouTube advertising accessible to businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Weave your brand seamlessly into your audience’s daily content consumption and optimise your opportunities for growth when you partner with our expert YouTube ads agency.

LocaliQ has extensive experience running high performance YouTube advertising campaigns optimised for your niche. We custom curate your strategy to maximise results, using targeting options and placements across YouTube banner ads and in-feed video ads to ensure they reach the right viewers. As a dedicated and data-driven YouTube agency, we track and analyse your live campaigns and messaging to see what works best, boosting sales by reaching audiences with the largest conversion rates.

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Our YouTube Advertising Services

Harness the power of the YouTube advertising platform, which is part of the Google Ads suite. Find unique ways for your brand to reach target audiences through a range of video and non-video ad placements across the platform.

Video Creation

Work with a team that understands how to maximise the engaging and memorable nature of video advertising. Create messaging and imagery tailored to capture interest, avoid users skipping and get them exploring your brand, products and services. Our YouTube agency specialises in creating polished video content from how-to videos to interviews, video testimonials, video blogs, corporate promos and ads.

Non-Skippable In-Stream Video Ads

Non-skippable videos are short, approximately 15 seconds long, and play before, during or after video content. Convert your target audience with snappy, creative messaging and calls to action that motivate clicks from viewers.

In-Feed Video Ads

Appearing in search results, on the homepage and alongside other relevant video content, In-Feed Video Ads encourage users to click and view your promoted video. Precision targeting is crucial for this type of YouTube advertising, ensuring it reaches genuinely interested audiences who are likely to click.

Masthead Ads

Masthead ads are premium display ads, positioned at the top of the main YouTube homepage. This offers an incredible level of visibility and reach, making them perfect for highlighting new products, promoting events and summarising your service offerings.

Overlay Ads

Appearing at the bottom of a video on desktop and laptop devices, Overlay Ads are semi-transparent YouTube banner ads. These ads are ideal for YouTube marketing strategies focused on getting clicks and driving traffic to a product page or service landing page.

Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads are 6 seconds long, non-skippable, and great for delivering quick, memorable advertising messages to viewers. Ideal for generating brand awareness, this form of YouTube advertising offers a quick boost to your online presence with increased impressions and views.

Sponsored Cards

Showcase relevant products, videos and playlists with Sponsored Cards. These display ads appear within certain eligible YouTube videos, allowing users to click on the card if they want to view the content and find more information about your brand.

Outstream Ads

Reach users outside of YouTube with Outstream Ads, specifically designed for mobile placement. These ads appear on partner sites, platforms and apps across the Google Display Network, autoplaying once 50% of the ad is visible on the phone screen.

Video SEO & Description Writing

Incorporating certain SEO tactics can help your YouTube videos rank higher in organic searches within the platform. To help increase visibility, our team optimises your video content, adding keywords to titles, captions, descriptions, tags, categories and channel pages. In addition, we look at influential factors like video length, channel authority, playlist inclusion, backlinks and embedding.

Video Syndication and Distribution

Reach a wider audience with video syndication and distribution partnerships that get your YouTube videos seen by relevant audiences on other platforms. This includes social media platforms, apps, third party websites and across the Google Display Network.

Deliver Maximum Impact with Expert YouTube Ads Management

Experience, knowledge and strategy are key to delivering successful YouTube video marketing service. Our tailored campaigns are supported by in-depth research, data insights, competitive analysis and over 15 years of experience as a YouTube ad agency. By carefully taking the time to understand your target market and goals, we’ll implement the right ad types and formats at every stage of the funnel.


Whether you’re new to YouTube and looking to create videos from scratch or want to increase the reach of existing videos, our YouTube ad agency knows the ins and outs of how the platform works. We have the experience and tools to place your video content in front of the right people and generate great results.

Comprehensive Solutions

Boost leads, increase sales and maximise results with a variety of YouTube marketing strategies and tactics to suit different objectives. This includes designing your YouTube video advertising to form part of a multichannel marketing strategy that aligns with your campaigns across Google Display, Facebook and email.

Proven Results

LocaliQ focuses on tangible results, with performance-based YouTube marketing that yields measurable outcomes. With precision targeting tools and a wealth of historical data, we can find the ideal approach to achieve your goals, whether that involves increasing brand awareness or promoting a new product launch.

Unique Tactics

Every business is unique, so every marketing campaign should be too. We customise our YouTube video marketing services to align with your brand personality, values and messaging, tailored to the unique tastes of your target market.

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FAQs About YouTube Marketing Services

What is a YouTube Advertising Agency?

A YouTube advertising agency specialises in crafting and implementing impactful video marketing campaigns across YouTube. The LocaliQ team’s expertise spans content strategy, production, editing, targeting and determining the ideal placements and formats to achieve your marketing objectives.

Based on your preferences, we discuss your budget for the bidding process determining when, where and how often your ad plays. Our experts also provide live reporting on activity and analytics so you can see who’s interacting with your ads and what actions they are taking.

Is YouTube Important for Businesses?

YouTube advertising services are essential for businesses and organisations in just about any industry, from education institutions to medical practitioners, law firms, software developers, tradies, local restaurants and eCommerce platforms.

YouTube marketing is a particularly powerful way of reaching audiences under 35, with many younger generations watching YouTube videos on a daily basis. In fact, after Google, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and is the ultimate destination for watching longer form video content.

Do I Need a YouTube Channel for YouTube Ad Marketing?

Businesses don’t necessarily need a YouTube channel to run YouTube ads. Our agency can manage your campaigns through your Google AdWords account or set an account up for you if you don’t have one. We’ll then run your YouTube ad campaign, targeting audiences based on demographics and keywords. Bear in mind that having a YouTube channel can help you build a stronger online presence.

What Types of YouTube Ads Can I Use and How Do They Differ?

Choose from the variety of available YouTube ad options, including video and still images, each suited to different objectives. Video options include skippable and non-skippable video ads that play before, during and after YouTube videos, ranging from 6 seconds to several minutes long. Brands can also option for image and text based ads such as overlay ads, masthead ads and sponsored cards, suitable for brand awareness and retargeting.

Outstream ads, meanwhile, are designed to reach users outside YouTube across the Google Display Network. An experienced YouTube agency like LocaliQ can help you determine which formats and placements work best for your goal in order to improve ad performance and deliver cost-effective results.

How Does YouTube Advertising Work and What is the Pricing Model?

YouTube ads operate on a pay-per-view (PPV) basis, charging your business whenever viewers actively choose to watch the video or click through to your website. Like Google Ads, you can control your ad spend by setting budgets and using precise targeting tools to ensure you reach an interested and engaged audience.

What Services Can I Get from a YouTube Ads Agency?

With our YouTube video marketing services, you can access tailored advice and full end-to-end services to extract maximum benefits and ROI from your YouTube ad campaigns. This includes creating video content, targeting your ads based on placements, topics, keywords or demographics and reporting on performance through metrics that matter to you, such as conversions or traffic.

Are There Targeting Options for Local and Regional Businesses on YouTube?

Brands can target ads according to specific locations, whether that’s cities like Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton and Wellington, particular local regions, each island or throughout New Zealand. Based on your specific objectives, our local digital marketing agency can help you use these advanced targeting tools to refine and focus your YouTube marketing strategy.

Client Testimonial

“The biggest benefit that we’ve been seeing with LocaliQ would be the increase in our brand awareness, with patients coming in telling us that they’ve found us online.”.”

Kodee Guglielmana, Operations Manager, Aim Dental

Searches for “available near me” have grown by over 100% in the last year.

Google, 2021

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