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eCommerce SEO Services Tailored for Brands in New Zealand

Maximise your potential and say kia ora to more online sales with specialised eCommerce SEO by LocaliQ in New Zealand. We’re here to help local eCommerce brands get more organic traffic from qualified leads. Our eCommerce SEO agency can turn your website into the busy, central hub it should be, where motivated customers flock to discover and purchase your products.

With an eCommerce SEO expert on your side, an explosion of new sales opportunities is just a few steps away. Don’t rely on paid advertising tactics alone. Save costs and leverage the power of long term growth provided by organic traffic. Our custom SEO services are designed to maximise the organic visibility of your website in relevant search results. Discover how our eCommerce SEO firm can help deliver cost-effective strategies to grow your brand long-term.

Your Experts in eCommerce SEO in Auckland

Land on page one with an eCommerce SEO agency that understands your unique customer base and how to effectively reach them. Based in Auckland, LocaliQ supports brands in a range of industries operating in Christchurch, Hamilton, Wellington and throughout New Zealand. With a portfolio of success stories spanning local, national and international brands, you can rely on our team to deliver eCommerce SEO packages that achieve your goals.

Increase Brand Exposure With Customised SEO Services for eCommerce

With online shopping surging in popularity each year, getting your website up to scratch is key to dominating competitive markets. LocaliQ helps brands capture the attention of Kiwi shoppers looking for your products with focused, targeted SEO eCommerce strategies. Our data-driven insights help you maximise traffic by getting a detailed understanding of online buyer behaviour and search intent. Go beyond basic keyword research with customised SEO services that generate targeted organic traffic with a high conversion rate.

We focus on improving and capitalising on your website’s strengths. At the same time, we incorporate relevant long-tail keywords to outpace your competition. The result is more sales and greater brand exposure, putting your products in front of motivated buyers. Our eCommerce SEO firm delivers campaigns with impressive ROI. We’ll transform customers browsing the web into paying customers with proven techniques tailored to your unique brand.

How Can SEO for eCommerce Help My Business?

As the best eCommerce SEO company in Auckland, we specialise in getting businesses in New Zealand better results for less. We incorporate many traditional SEO eCommerce tactics like tailored keyword research, website optimisation, backlink building and content creation. You’ll work with an experienced eCommerce SEO consultant who offers specific expertise in your category, capable of managing the unique challenges and opportunities your business faces.

With the right approach to SEO for eCommerce, brands can boost revenue, taking advantage of the fact that almost half of all eCommerce traffic comes from organic searches rather than paid ads. Whether you’re targeting local customers in Christchurch, Hamilton, Wellington or all across New Zealand, we’ll ensure your website is optimised to attract the right traffic.

As a long-term strategy, SEO eCommerce helps increase and maintain visibility for your website. Our dedicated experts implement holistic strategies that align with your overall digital marketing strategy. With laser-focused precision on your product offerings, LocaliQ is the eCommerce SEO expert you can trust to deliver great results.

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Explore Our eCommerce SEO Services

LocaliQ are the experts in eCommerce SEO NZ brands can rely on for a full suite of tailored services. Our in-house team spans every relevant competency from keyword bidding to copywriting and design. Our team takes the time to understand your business top to bottom to ensure we deliver the most effective strategies for your brand goals.

SEO eCommerce Audit

LocaliQ’s eCommerce SEO packages begin with a deep dive of your website. This audit process aims to capture any errors and limitations in your site structure, content, backlink profile and other elements of your online presence. We’re an eCommerce SEO agency that specialises in detailed audits which find and correct any gaps that could impact your organic rankings in search results.

eCommerce Keyword Research

With thorough research and data-driven insights, we’ll compile a list of keywords that are relevant to your brand and give you a competitive edge. Our team looks at specific relevant trends along with broader eCommerce search terms to uncover keyword strategies that actually boost conversions. This includes utilising long-tail keywords of up to 3 to 4 words, backed up by our quantifiable data and research, that can get you results.

Technical Website Analysis

A good website is key to facilitating positive and convenient shopping experiences for customers. We’ll perform a complete review of your website code, ensuring we resolve any problems like duplicate titles, missing ALT tags and 404 errors. Our eCommerce SEO specialist team can also improve the visibility of individual landing pages by optimising formatting, structure, title tags and meta data to ensure product pages match search intent.

Building Quality Backlinks

Backlinks to your website and product pages from reputable and relevant websites help you to compete on Google. With access to thousands of reputable websites we commonly work with, we’ll help your brand gain credibility and rank higher, so you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Content Strategy for eCommerce Brands

Great content is key to effective SEO for eCommerce brands. We’ll ensure your website provides customers with concise, engaging copy that gives your customers the information they’re after. Our expert copywriting team understands how to structure and craft landing page copy that aligns with search intent, thereby attracting clicks and generating sales.

eCommerce SEO Reporting and Tracking

With a focus on ROI, LocaliQ simplifies tracking and reporting on results. With us, you’ll have access to highlighted statistics and reports on an interactive dashboard that’s easy to understand. There, you’ll see crucial information about target keyword rankings, organic visibility and web traffic. Track completed and upcoming tasks with ease and chat with our team anytime about the live insights you’re seeing.

Best Practices and Strategies for eCommerce SEO

At LocaliQ, we deliver truly customised SEO services that reflect the unique needs of your brand while aligning with best practice standards across Google and the particular eCommerce platform you’re using. Whatever platform you’re using, we’ll find the right strategy to boost your organic traffic and generate more sales. Our custom SEO services increase visibility, clicks and revenue for your brand so you reach the right consumers and, most importantly, transform them into paying customers.

WordPress and WooCommerce

WordPress is one of the largest content management platforms in the world and it is incredibly popular with eCommerce brands. WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Just as we would for any website, we’ll make sure your WordPress site is optimised to adhere to best practice SEO for eCommerce.


Magento is an eCommerce website platform owned by Adobe and used by thousands of brands. An eCommerce SEO specialist at LocaliQ can ensure you’re making full use of the unique features, versatile content management, easy integrations and mobile-friendly design approaches available through the platform to better connect with customers and sell your products.


Shopify is a commonly used, full solution eCommerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. It’s a popular option because you don’t need much technical experience. Organising products, processing payments and tracking them can be done in just a few clicks. Need help improving the organic performance of your Shopify website? LocaliQ is here to help!


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Our eCommerce SEO agency is ready to help you reach your next customer. Get in touch for a chat and discover how we can help you grow your website organically. We’ll go through some of the ways we can boost ROI with tactics that require only a fraction of the cost of paid ad campaigns. Don’t pay for clicks: boost your visibility organically and get clicks for free with our help. Get started by booking in a no obligation strategy session today.

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FAQs About Customised SEO Services for Ecommerce

What is Ecommerce SEO?

SEO for eCommerce involves boosting your organic search engine rankings by strategically optimising your online store and specific product pages. This means your customers find you when they search for relevant products. It’s a way of boosting sales without relying on paid ads alone. SEO eCommerce strategies are tailored to your brand and product offerings. The LocaliQ team focuses on helping you deliver simple and intuitive customer experiences that drive conversions.

Which eCommerce Platforms are SEO Friendly?

WooCommerce and Shopify are traditionally the best platforms when it comes to SEO for eCommerce. If your website is built using another platform, however, don’t stress! The LocaliQ team knows how to optimise and extract the best possible performance from every eCommerce platform out there.

Why Do I Need an eCommerce SEO Expert?

Whether you’re just starting out or have a long-running, well-established website, an eCommerce SEO expert, like our LocaliQ team, can help get you better results. Even the biggest eCommerce websites must have an ongoing, closely monitored and adjusted SEO strategy to maintain visibility and stay competitive in relevant search results. Savvy business owners can work with an eCommerce SEO agency to improve traffic, click-through rates and revenue.

How Much Do eCommerce SEO Services Cost?

LocaliQ offers customised SEO services for every eCommerce brand we work with. This means pricing will vary depending on the current state of your website, organic rankings, competition, industry trends and any specific marketing goals you have. Our tailored eCommerce SEO packages are designed to offer maximum value compared to off-the-shelf style services. If you’re worried about costs, you can always set budget limitations to avoid overspending. Contact us today and we can give you a good idea of what costs to expect.

How Can eCommerce SEO Services Help My Business?

LocaliQ can improve your organic rankings with our custom SEO services. We carefully select keywords and phrases to capture specific audiences relevant to your brand. Our strategies are based on search intent, so you can reach more customers with minimal expense. We carefully look at your competitive landscape and find innovative ways to rank highly on search results. Our services are holistic, looking at on-page and off-page SEO, including how  your website is crawled, rendered and indexed by search engines.

How Long Does it Take to See Results from eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is a long term strategy that can take several months to generate results. Depending on your business, the average time it takes to see more sales is between 3 to 6 months. It might be more or less depending on factors such as how well your website is optimised and how much competition you’re facing in search results for your product range.

How is eCommerce SEO Different from Regular SEO?

When comparing traditional SEO and SEO for eCommerce, there’s a lot of crossover along with some important differences. Many eCommerce websites consist of thousands of web pages for individual products and product categories. A certain level of expertise and hard work is needed to ensure those pages are in line with Google SEO eCommerce best practice. This includes finding ways to avoid issues like duplicate content whilst ensuring relevant pages rank well in relevant search results.

Why is LocaliQ the Perfect Fit for My eCommerce Brand?

LocaliQ is your expert in eCommerce SEO in Auckland. We help brands all around New Zealand, with services that go far beyond the status quo. Our approach is meticulous and detailed, whether we’re rewriting content on individual pages or investigating the code in your website backend for SEO errors.

We’re here to help you get on page one of search results with a strong expertise of Google SEO eCommerce standards. At the same time, we focus on improving the customer journey, so your buyers associate your brand with a great shopping experience. That’s why we’re the best eCommerce SEO company to work alongside your brand.

Client Testimonial

“We have been able to maximise on our niche position in the marketplace through LocaliQ’s SEO efforts. The LocaliQ team deliver excellent transparency and reporting around results and regular communication.”

Mark Hodges, Director, Harrington & Co.

Searches for “available near me” have grown by over 100% in the last year.

Google, 2021

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Start growing your eCommerce brand now with help from a specialist eCommerce SEO consultant at LocaliQ. With customised campaigns designed to achieve your unique objectives, look no further when it comes to eCommerce SEO NZ businesses trust. We help brands across Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Wellington and throughout New Zealand.

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