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Kia ora to all Kiwi brands looking for ways to simplify advertising on Bing. The experienced team at LocaliQ specialises in tailored Bing ads management to help your brand capture more unique opportunities and grow in New Zealand. While Google is by the far the market leader in search engines, Bing advertising still plays an important role in your marketing strategy as the second largest search engine.

Lower competition density and lower click prices are just two of the reasons why you can profit from investing in Bing ads. LocaliQ can guide you through the unique idiosyncrasies of the Microsoft advertising platform. We will work with you to develop tailored campaigns that support your business goals.

Your Trusted Partner for Advertising on Bing

Create new opportunities to reach niche audiences with an expert Bing advertising agency and PPC (pay per click) advertising. LocaliQ has extensive experience helping clients across a variety of industries. Scale your campaign with Bing PPC services which are focused on delivering great results that align with your strategy across other platforms like Google and social media. Brands advertising on Bing can also boost exposure through the platform’s existing partnerships with ChatGPT, MSAN, LinkedIn, Netflix and other partners and third party distributors.

Why Should Your Company Use Bing Ads?

Explore powerful new ways to generate leads and new traffic for your business from users who aren’t using Google. Bing advertising comes with sophisticated targeting options and a growing, expansive network. Savvy businesses looking for new ways to grow will find exciting ways of capturing low competition leads. With help from a Bing advertising agency that knows how to maximise the potential of the different tools and features on offer, your brand can get found online by more potential leads.

Optimise your visibility across the Microsoft Bing Ads platform with powerful search campaigns that help you reach your target audience among millions of active users. Utilise in-built Bing shopping ads to promote product listings in search results as an e-commerce brand. Entice new customers with eye-catching display ads featuring tailored imagery or opt for highly engaging video ads.

Benefits of Our Bing PPC Services

While most brands use Google Ad campaigns, Bing advertising can offer great benefits but is often neglected. Less competition combined with advanced advertising tools means adverts can efficiently reach customers interested in your products or services who use Bing. As these prospects see fewer ads from other brands, they are more likely to take action and recall your brand as you retarget them.

Cheaper Bids

Bing PPC ads offer a similar bidding system to Google. Reduced competition means lower cost-per-click (CPC), boosting your ROI by as much as 30% compared to Google. Advertisers also have more control over ad groups and campaigns, allowing for further cost-effectiveness with more focused, refined ad tactics. These tactics include assigning different campaign actions and implementing more sophisticated scheduling strategies.

Advanced Targeting

Bing advertising campaigns also support targeting options that outpace Google in terms of refinement. You can, for example, limit targeting to mobile devices while excluding desktop and tablet devices. You can also target users based on interests, demographics, purchase history and browsing behaviour. With Bing and Microsoft advertising, brands can limit campaigns to exact keywords, unlike Google which forces close variations such as plurals and misspellings.

New Audiences

While there are fewer overall, Bing users represent a different demographic with an audience you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach on Google. It is worth noting, for example, that Bing has a high user base among older generations with more disposable income. According to Microsoft, Bing is also better for reaching B2B audiences as well as international users living in New Zealand. Bing advertising isn’t limited to these demographics, however, with a variety of users from all walks of life and across a variety of age groups using the platform.

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Increase the ROI of Microsoft Advertising with Our Expertise

Bing ads come under the branch of Microsoft advertising. As an experienced Bing ads management provider, LocaliQ can help create new opportunities for your brand.

Strategy, Account Set Up and Review

Working closely with your team, LocaliQ will take a detailed look at your current goals, competitive environment and marketing KPIs. If you have an existing Microsoft advertising account, we’ll conduct a thorough audit to determine what is and isn’t working well, highlighting potential areas of improvement in terms of targeting, spend and optimisation. For both new and existing accounts, we will craft a tailored Bing PPC strategy that takes your industry, keywords, locations and competition into consideration.

Bid Strategy and Budget Optimisation

When optimising your campaign bids, our goal will be to reduce cost-per-click (CPC) and increase your conversion rate. This will involve building a comprehensive strategy while actively adjusting and reviewing bids at the keyword-level for performance over time. The goal is to ensure your spend is being used as effectively as possible, combining both automated and manual bidding strategies around geo targeting, user devices, audience segmentation and day parting.

Audience Targeting and Management

Our Bing PPC ad experts work to understand who your audience is in detail and how they behave to ensure your ads get in front of the right people at the right time. We make it easier to enter the world of Bing and Microsoft advertising by transferring data from Google and other networks while customising campaigns according to the new environment. Microsoft advertising also offers the unique benefit of accessing LinkedIn data to hyper-target ads among professional audiences using information extracted from LinkedIn profiles.

In-Depth Reporting and Tracking

LocaliQ takes care of setting up conversion tracking across your Bing advertising campaigns for simple and accurate reporting. We’ll help you see which campaigns are performing well and where ads may be underperforming in terms of conversions. Our reporting is designed to offer complete transparency and maximise ROI, with experts always at hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Explore What Microsoft Bing Ads Can Do for You

Whether you’re new to Bing advertising and want to find out whether it’s right for you or need existing campaigns refined, we can help. Our digital marketing experts are here to lay out the benefits and potential downsides. We assist brands from start to finish, from importing your data to setting up campaigns and monitoring performance. Our team is ready to chat with you about all aspects of Bing ads management and how we can use Bing to support your wider marketing strategy.

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FAQs About Bing Ads Management Services

How Does Bing or Microsoft Advertising Work?

Microsoft ads are set up quite similarly to Google. This is because they understand that the vast majority of brands advertising online use Google’s advertising tools. Microsoft have set up their own tools to make it as simple as possible to build campaigns, ad groups, keywords and product categories for a seamless experience. Bing advertising, just like Google, uses a pay-per-click (PPC) model where advertisers bid on keywords and search terms. Your ad is more likely to be displayed in search results when you outbid competitors, while you only pay once someone clicks the ad.

Who are Bing Ads Suitable For?

Bing ads are great for reaching a variety of audiences who may not be using Google, giving you the option to refine campaigns based on your brand, industry, location, target audience and goals. Bing advertising is particularly good for reaching older users aged 45 to 54 with an average annual income of $100,000 and higher. Access to LinkedIn data also makes Bing advertising ideal for reaching professionals and B2B audiences. It’s also cheaper than Google when it comes to advertising to a wider, more general audience, making it ideal for growing brand awareness and ‘casting a wide net’ for leads.

How Do Bing/Microsoft Ads Work?

Our Bing management agency will build effective campaigns for your brand based on your objectives and target audiences. We’ll create an action plan to reach your goals across search, shopping and retargeting. Extract maximum opportunities from the innovative tools offered with Microsoft Bing Ads with our expertise. This includes controlling which age and gender demographics see your search ad, as well as refining demographic targeting at the campaign or ad group level.

How Long Does it Take to Launch a Bing Ad Campaign?

The Bing advertising editorial processes can take 48 to 72 hours to complete its initial checks on your campaign prior to launching and allowing ads to display across the Microsoft network. LocaliQ is an experienced Bing advertising agency Kiwi businesses can rely on to streamline the successful launch of your campaign.

Will Bing Ads Work for My Industry?

Bing advertising campaigns can deliver great results for businesses operating in a variety of different sectors. Whether you operate an eCommerce brand or a local restaurant in Auckland, Bing ads can help you reach your goals. If you are unsure if Bing ads are right for your brand, we can look at how much traffic your website receives from Bing and determine whether it’s a worthwhile investment for your advertising strategy. If it isn’t, we’ll suggest where your marketing budget is better off spent, whether that’s Google, Facebook, TikTok or LinkedIn.

How Much Does Bing Advertising Cost?

Bing advertising costs depend on factors like your chosen bid, competition for keywords and how many people click your ad. Costs are typically lower than Google due to less competition. By setting a daily budget, you won’t exceed the maximum spend you’re willing to pay. LocaliQ has experience in Bing ads management where many other agencies don’t. This familiarity allows us to deliver strong campaigns that take full advantage of Bing’s advertising tools so your campaigns cost less and earn you more. 

Client Testimonial

“Within a short period of time the phone inquiries and internet bookings increased markedly. Switching to LocaliQ was the best move we ever made.”

Michael O’Donnell, Manager, Rova Rentals

Searches for “available near me” have grown by over 100% in the last year.

Google, 2021

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