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Boost Sales with Premium PPC Advertising in New Zealand

It’s time to say kia ora to more sales with targeted PPC (pay per click) advertising tailored to your brand in New Zealand. Drive more traffic to your website and generate conversions with paid placements on search engines like Google. LocaliQ is your trusted partner for PPC management, with an impressive track record of pay per click experience across a wide range of industries.

Generate results for your brand sooner while minimising your advertising spend with data driven PPC strategies such as paid search and display ads. We can help get your products, services and brand in front of the right people with PPC advertising in Auckland, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.

LocaliQ is Your Trusted PPC Company in Auckland

Based in Auckland, LocaliQ provides pay per click campaigns to businesses throughout New Zealand. While most businesses may associate PPC advertising with ads in search engine results, we go the extra mile with truly impressive multichannel strategies. This includes incorporating social media, display ads and programmatic advertising that takes full advantage of each approach.

Our specialty is PPC marketing campaigns powered by first-party data extracted from customers and partners. This enables our team to deliver highly strategic, hyper-targeted pay per click ads optimised to reach your potential customers where they spend their time online.

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Work with a PPC management agency that keeps strategy, tangible results and ROI top of mind. Forget the set and forget approach, LocaliQ finds the tactics that make sense for your brand and business goals, constantly monitoring performance and tweaking your campaign according to the specific goals that matter to your brand.

Paid Social Ads

A PPC agency like LocaliQ can also assist with paid social ads. Boost the reach of organic social media posts by turning them into sponsored posts or create unique targeted ads from scratch. We’ll ensure paid social ads work as part of your overall pay per click strategy across other channels like Google and Bing. and interests.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a powerful way for retailers to advertise products directly on Google’s search engine results. By promoting products visually and including key information like size, colour and delivery options, Google Shopping ads simplifies the pipeline so you can convert customers with high purchase intent quickly. Potential customers can quickly and easily browse and click on products that appeal to them while comparing other relevant products based on the search query.

Google Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to target ads to specific users who previously indicated an interest in your brand and its products or services, for example, by browsing your website. Remarketing tactics can also involve targeting other users with similar characteristics to those interested in your brand through information like location, demographics and browsing behaviour.

Google Ads Management

A PPC agency like LocaliQ can also assist with paid social ads. Boost the reach of organic social media posts by turning them into sponsored posts or create unique targeted ads from scratch. We’ll ensure paid social ads work as part of your overall pay per click strategy across other channels like Google and Bing. and interests.

Google Display Marketing

Reach audiences on hundreds of thousands of websites and apps online across the Google Display Network. We’ll strategically place your brand in front of potential customers everywhere from niche to well-known third party websites alongside major Google apps and platforms like YouTube, Gmail and Search.

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Choose LocaliQ for Expert PPC Advertising in Auckland

Expert PPC management requires a variety of interconnected steps in order to generate results. LocaliQ specialises in pay per click in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and across New Zealand. This means we understand this process from start to finish. This includes finding and using the right keywords and search queries to boost the likelihood of a qualified lead clicking on your ad and converting.

We also look at what your competitors are doing to uncover opportunities to take advantage of keywords with less competition and as a result, lower cost. Once your ad is live, we make adjustments when needed based on what the data tells us. This includes keywords and queries that generate the most clicks and the type of actions that follow after that click. This monitoring process is essential for maximising the ROI of your campaign.

PPC Advertising Streamlined for Your Business

As experts in PPC in Auckland, LocaliQ utilises our knowledge along with the latest tools and technology to tailor PPC ads for Kiwi businesses. Our pay per click management tools allow us to extract live data insights from your ads and make any required adjustments. This helps us meet campaign goals in a way that makes the best use of your advertising spend.

Whether you’re a small business, eCommerce brand, major corporation or franchise, our use of data combined with extensive experience helps us uncover the right approach for your campaign. When every click comes at a cost, turning those clicks into sales is crucial.

PPC Expertise Keyword Research
Managing and Monitoring Your PPC Campaign

Leverage PPC Marketing and Consumer Search Opportunities

With a fine-tuned pay per click advertising strategy for your brand, LocaliQ can help you leverage the opportunities available through paid search so you capture leads as they browse online. As experts of PPC in Auckland, our agency has wide-ranging experience across different industries across New Zealand with specialised capability to tailor your campaign to specific goals like growing brand awareness, educating potential customers, boosting web traffic or increasing sales.

Learn more about what PPC advertising entails by reaching out to our team. We’ll take you through the multitude of methods we can use to grow your brand. Together, we’ll outline your needs and come up with a PPC advertising strategy and model that gets you where you want to be as a business.

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FAQs About PPC Marketing Campaigns

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click, or PPC advertising, is a kind of online marketing that involves paying for ads only when someone clicks on it. Google pay per click ads, also commonly called Google Ads, are one the most common types of PPC advertising. A number of other platforms offer similar types of ads, however. PPC ads can consist of simple text as well as images, GIFs and videos. Placements include search engine results, third party websites, emails, apps and social platforms.

Why Use Our PPC Marketing Services?

LocaliQ are experts when it comes to PPC in Auckland, with specific skills and knowledge that enables us to strategically design PPC advertising campaigns for businesses all around New Zealand. We’ll help you reach the right target audiences and increase your ROI in terms of results versus overall spend. Our team creates campaigns that support your current goals and help you establish a strong brand online. We can also help manage your marketing efforts across search engines and social platforms with ads that align with the benefits of each placement visually and content-wise.

What are the Benefits of PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is a cost effective way to reach target audiences. When done right, you can generate strong returns at a low cost. PPC ads also deliver quick results in terms of traffic and conversion, while ensuring leads are qualified through advanced targeting. PPC ad platforms reward advertisers who create relevant, high quality pay-per-click ads with higher positioning and lower costs. This means you can increase ROI further by providing a quality user experience.

What Can PPC Do for My Business?

In addition to the strong ROI and great results PPC ads can deliver, they also benefit your business by supporting specific goals based on your needs. You base your campaign around boosting brand awareness, boosting website traffic or generating qualified leads. PPC ads make it easy to get your brand in front of the right potential customers across search engines, social media platforms and websites they are browsing.

SEO vs PPC: Which is Right for My Business?

Pay-per-click advertising is a powerful way to quickly generate leads and grow your brand. By comparison, search engine optimisation (SEO) may seem less “worth it” due to the time it takes to see results. Both are important, however, each playing a crucial role in reaching new customers. SEO is a long term strategy, focused on building and maintaining a strong organic visibility across search engines. PPC ads are great for short-term campaigns focused on driving sales. Our team can help you find the right balance between SEO and PPC based on your current priorities, needs and goals.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

With platforms like Google, there’s no simple answer to how much ads cost because it depends on a wide range of adjustable factors. The cost of Google Ads can depend on factors like your company size, who you’re advertising to, which keywords you want to bid for, the amount of competition, which ad networks you use and who manages your PPC campaign. Costs can vary from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a monthly campaign. PPC campaigns are highly customisable, however, meaning you can control your budget and increase or decrease ad spend as required.

Do I Need a PPC Agency in New Zealand?

Whether you’re a small business looking to appeal to a location-specific audience or a multinational corporation with a complex and diverse set of marketing goals, a PPC agency in New Zealand can help you maximise the benefits of these ads. A majority of consumers now look online for the products and services they need and a PPC agency can help you capture those audiences and turn them into your customers. As long as your prospects are online, our PPC company in Auckland can help you reach them no matter the industry, size or customer base of your business.

How Much Should I Spend to Get Results?

The amount you need to spend to get results with PPC ads depends on your unique circumstances. This includes what keywords you want to trigger your ads and how popular they are among other advertisers. You can set a maximum bid for what you’re willing to pay each time someone clicks your ad after finding it through specific keywords and search queries. The more popular the keyword is, the higher you’ll need to bid to get your ad at the top of search results, which is when they’ll start degenerating results.

Client Testimonial

“Now we’re getting new inquiries through the Internet. The funny part about that is, if we keep each new customer happy, they’ll refer us on so, we’ll be getting a double hit off the marketing we’re getting from LocaliQ.”

Todd Lane, Owner, Todd’s Plumbing and Electrical

Searches for “available near me” have grown by over 100% in the last year.

Google, 2021

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