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Start generating real results on Facebook and say tena koutou to more customers. LocaliQ is a full service Facebook advertising agency in Auckland, helping businesses in a range of industries across New Zealand. Go beyond basic metrics like impressions and likes and make a real impact with ads designed to convert.

As an experienced Facebook ads agency, we specialise in building unique campaigns that reach your target audiences on Facebook. Whether you’re a new or established brand, our tailored solutions generate value and are fine-tuned to maximise ROI using sophisticated advertising tools. With more than 2 billion active daily users, Facebook is a powerful platform for growing your brand, generating traffic to your website and increasing sales.

Target Your Audience with Our Facebook Advertising Services

Our experienced team can help you make the most of Facebook’s unique marketing tools. Combined with eye-catching ad creatives designed to resonate, we’ll help you capture precisely targeted audiences most likely to convert. We analyse your business, audience and competitive landscape to generate campaigns that achieve your marketing goals as efficiently as possible. This combination of creativity and technical expertise helps you net strong results on Facebook.

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Why Trust LocaliQ for Targeted Facebook Marketing Services

LocaliQ is a Facebook ad company that focuses on maximising conversions. Eliminated wasted ad spend with strategic Facebook advertising services refined through careful planning, analysis, implementation and monitoring. Whether you want to reach new customers or retarget prospects who have shown interest, our experts are here to help you achieve your goals.

Our team utilises different ad formats based on your campaign goals, with strategic placements across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network. Using data-driven insights, thorough market research and split testing, we’ll find what works best, with experience developing link click ads, video ads, boosted posts and carousel ads. Every campaign is targeted and refined to maximise the metrics that matter most to you.

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Discover Services from Our Leading Facebook Agency

Facebook marketing services empower your brand to reach the world’s largest social media audience. LocaliQ is a Facebook advertising agency filled with passionate professionals focused on generating great results using the full suite of flexible tools and mediums across the platform. We custom build campaigns based on your unique brand while adjusting to changing algorithms and user behaviour.

Advanced Targeting

As an expert Facebook ad agency, we understand how to leverage the power of Facebook’s sophisticated advertising tools. Set up advanced targeting tactics for your campaign to boost lead generation, utilising tools like Facebook Pixels and Lookalike Audiences to reach the right people so your ads actually convert instead of just getting scrolled past.

Measurable Results

We don’t believe in overcomplicated, jargon filled reports. We’re a Facebook marketing company that wants you to understand results and ROI with ease. Our reporting focuses on measurable metrics like conversions, ensuring you only receive relevant information that makes it easier to understand how and why your Facebook ads are working and what you’re getting out of your campaign.

Full Service Agency

LocaliQ is home to a dedicated team with diverse specialities all focused on getting the best results for you. Our expertise spans copywriting, SEO and social media marketing, giving us the flexibility to evolve to changing marketing needs. Your Facebook campaign works as part of a holistic and coherent strategy that aligns with key objectives and the overall direction of your business.

Your Own Dedicated Expert

Deeper insights, assistance and answers to your questions are easily accessible with your own dedicated Facebook ads expert always on-hand to manage your campaign. Gain an intimate understanding of your target audience and what resonates with them. Discover how our experts work to deliver the best results for you, from setting up your Facebook Pixel to actively managing and adjusting your live ad campaigns.

Increase Sales with Our Facebook Marketing Company

Whether you’re a hairdresser in Christchurch, a law firm in Auckland, a cafe in Hamilton or a home builder in Wellington, we build tailored Facebook ads that help you increase sales. Find and engage motivated leads with custom campaigns that convert relevant audiences into paying customers.

Increase sales by working with a Facebook marketing agency that understands the consumer experience and buyer journey. Your next customer may be interested in your products or services but isn’t ready to make a purchase when they first see your ad. That’s why we use strategies such as dynamic retargeting to nurture these prospects. This ensures your brand is front and centre when they’re ready to take the next step.

Get Started with Our Facebook Ad Company

With experience managing thousands of unique campaigns over the years, you can trust our Facebook agency to target and retarget your customers at the right time. If you’re tired of getting lacklustre results for your Facebook advertising campaigns, discover how LocaliQ can help you boost your performance. Our tailored strategies make it simpler to find genuine, interested Facebook users ready to become your next customer. We’ve got a strong track record delivering high performance campaigns for business across all industries. Get in touch to learn what we can do for you!

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FAQs About Our Facebook Ads Agency

What is a Facebook Advertising Agency?

A Facebook advertising agency is a team of social media marketing gurus with extensive experience developing Facebook ad campaigns. Their expertise includes writing conversion-focused copy, designing visual ad creatives that capture user attention, and targeting audiences using sophisticated tools based on your brand, products, services and marketing goals. Depending on the Facebook ad company, their services may focus only on particular niches.

LocaliQ is a full-service Facebook advertising company that delivers successful campaigns for brands across all industries in New Zealand. We manage everything from researching your business and its target market to producing powerful ad creatives that resonate with your unique target audiences.

How Much do Facebook Advertising Agency Services Cost?

The cost of working with Facebook marketing agencies varies depending on the type and size of your business as well as your campaign objectives and budget. Facebook marketing agencies can price their services a few different ways, including charging based on a percentage of ad spend, a fixed monthly fee, a flat fee or even an hourly rate. LocaliQ offers different pricing packages to suit different circumstances and ensure maximum value and ROI for clients. Chat with us to see how we can create a cost-effective proposal for you.

Why Should I Use a Facebook Ad Agency Instead of Doing it Myself?

While anyone can create a Facebook ad, achieving increased sales is easier and often more cost-effective with expert assistance from an expert Facebook advertising company like LocaliQ. Targeting customers properly can get tricky. We understand how to finetune Facebook ads for campaigns based on data insights and extensive research. We hyper-target the right users based on their user behaviour, location, demographics, interests and other profile information to help you achieve specific marketing goals.

What’s the Difference Between Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

Facebook Ads are targeted based on relevant audiences whereas Google Ads focus on keyworks potential customers may be searching for. Both tactics are effective for achieving objectives like increasing sales and growing brand awareness. They can also complement each other: Facebook ad campaigns, for example, can increase search queries about your business on Google. LocaliQ recommends a multichannel approach where Google Ads and Facebook Ads work together to achieve your marketing goals.

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Facebook is an incredibly powerful advertising platform that can help grow your business and boost your revenue. By creating compelling messaging, you can engage potential customers using social media with a clear value proposition relevant to them. Once you launch a campaign, Facebook offers a range of metrics to help you determine whether advertising on the platform is worth the investment for your business, with insights like cost per lead and cost per conversion available for you to see.

Which Businesses Should Consider Facebook Marketing Services?

Facebook ads play an important role for businesses across just about every industry in New Zealand. Over 4 million people use Facebook in New Zealand, accounting for close to 80% of the population. This offers some powerful opportunities for brands to reach new customers and secure more business. Local businesses like restaurants and tradies can reach local clientele, universities can reach prospective new students, non-profits can attract new donors; there’s space for just about every niche to succeed.

How Can Facebook Ads Help My Business?

Facebook ads come in a range of different formats, each suited to achieve specific advertising goals. If your business is looking to showcase products, for example, you can use product ads, carousel ads and collections ads to visually highlight them to relevant users. Service based businesses, such as real estate agencies and trade services, can utilise lead generation campaigns to boost enquiries. Meanwhile, video ads can help brands in a range of different industries stand out and increase brand awareness. By partnering with a Facebook marketing agency that understands the nuances of each ad type, you can find powerful new ways to grow your business.

Why is Facebook Marketing Important?

Millions of Facebook users discover businesses and products across the platform every day. Whether they come across your ad incidentally in a feed or actively look for your business to find out more about it, Facebook marketing is a great way of connecting with your customer base. Whatever your audience, business size, industry or location, LocaliQ can unearth new strategies for your business to engage potential customers at every stage of their online journey.

Client Testimonial

“I would recommend LocaliQ to other businesses as they have shown how to future-proof our business to ensure we are leading the pack. LocaliQ have the knowledge, know-how, and resources to keep up to speed with today’s fast-moving digital world.”

Ian Sadler, Sales Manager, Canterbury Caravans

Searches for “available near me” have grown by over 100% in the last year.

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