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Generate qualified leads at scale with premium LinkedIn advertising strategies by LocaliQ. Extract every opportunity available on the world’s largest professional network with a LinkedIn ad agency that specialises in B2B marketing across the platform. Nurture prospects at every stage of the funnel with well-designed, precision targeted native ads that offer value to user’s LinkedIn feeds.

Our LinkedIn marketing services are optimised to maximise conversions and ROI, so your efforts result in tangible benefits. Create opportunities on a platform where other brands often fall short. Work with our team and unlock the secret to premium advertising on LinkedIn. We offer end-to-end services, managing everything from writing high conversion copy and designing eye-catching graphics to targeting, bidding and creating lead magnets for your campaign.

Build Strategic Campaigns with Our LinkedIn Advertising Agency

Get your brand in front of key players in your industry and location with hyper-targeted LinkedIn Ads. Grow and expand your business by connecting with your prospects within a huge network of professionals. A sizable number of LinkedIn users are responsible for making purchasing decisions on behalf of their companies. This makes it a powerful resource for any B2B brand looking to drive sales.

LinkedIn features its own unique culture, language and etiquette when it comes to content, with your profile serving as a business card for your company. While not as visual as other social platforms, there are plenty of ways to make an impact with eye-catching ad creatives. With over 750 million active users, it’s a space no B2B brands should overlook when trying to reach high-level decision makers in organisations. LocaliQ can develop objective-based advertising on LinkedIn for your brand and get your ads in front of the right audiences.

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The LinkedIn advertising platform offers huge opportunities for any brand looking to showcase products or services to a professional audience. LocaliQ builds your campaign from start to finish, facilitating great results through data-driven decisions and decades of experience in social media marketing.

LinkedIn Ad Strategy

Discover which LinkedIn ads best suit your target market. Choose from Sponsored Content ads for engaging with broad audiences through to insightful Text Ads, which are optimised to drive conversions from a targeted user base. Our extensive experience with LinkedIn advertising equips us with the competence to deliver campaigns that maximise returns and generate qualified leads.

Sponsored Content

Find the right type of LinkedIn ads for your strategy and target market. Sponsored Content ads are ideal for reaching potential customers using LinkedIn’s dynamic targeting capabilities. Promote a blog post, eBook, guide, free demo or any other offer. Attach a custom lead magnet that makes it easy for users to download assets or click through to an external page where you can capture their details.

Sponsored InMail

Send personalised messages directly to your target audiences through Sponsored InMail. These ads land directly in user inboxes and are a great way to promote content, new offers or increase signups for an upcoming event. Sponsored InMail is more effective than traditional email blasts as they are only sent to active users, translating to a higher click-through rate and more conversions.

Why Choose LocaliQ as Your LinkedIn Advertising Company?

Our LinkedIn agency focuses on providing straightforward, cost effective campaigns that enable your brand to connect with relevant audiences across the LinkedIn professional network. Finetune your ad content by leveraging the platform’s algorithms and segmentation tools to create high performance campaigns.

Content Creation

LinkedIn continues to grow as a native content platform where thought leaders and industry experts share insights, tips and news related to their industry and local market. Whether you’re a software company in Auckland, an accountant in Wellington or a nonprofit in Christchurch, our team has extensive experience building targeted native content tailored to your industry niche.

Integrated Analytics

Create a cohesive multichannel marketing campaign with a LinkedIn agency that integrates analytics from other platforms like Google and your CRM. This enables deeper insight into your visitor behaviour so we can refine our LinkedIn marketing strategy for your brand and drive better results.

Expert Marketing Advice

Discover how to find the right approaches, targeting and placements for LinkedIn Ads to best suit your target market. We work with you every step of the way, ensuring we understand your objectives and design your ads to effectively support them. Our expertise and years of experience running LinkedIn advertising campaigns gives us the confidence to maximise your returns and generate qualified leads.

Precise Targeting

Boost ROI with targeted campaigns. Our experienced LinkedIn agency understands how to help your brand take advantage of the platform’s targeting tools and campaign options. This includes the Advanced Search Filter options, enabling you to target audiences based on job title, location,  industry and company size so your ads reach the most relevant audiences.

Transparent Reporting

Simplify performance reporting with LocaliQ. We keep track of metrics that matter to your campaign, such as impressions and click through rate. This helps us monitor and improve the performance of active campaigns and address any areas that need improvement. These insights can also help inform future campaigns while helping you see how you compare to competitors.

Flexible Services

Utilise our LinkedIn marketing services when you need them, with no lock-in contracts or commitments. Whether you need a short-term campaign to launch a new product or want ongoing help building your brand across multiple platforms online, we’ll deliver a LinkedIn advertising strategy that suits you.

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FAQs About LinkedIn Advertising

Is LinkedIn Good for Advertising?

LinkedIn marketing services are ideal for businesses looking to build new leads and grow their brand. LinkedIn ads allow you to target an active user base looking to network with other professionals and companies within their industry who are open to discovering products and services that help them in their work.

Build highly effective ad campaigns with a choice of 20 different attribute categories, including location, job title, company name, seniority, skills, job experience, company connections, interests and demographics like age and gender. Businesses can also reach users based on location data, whether in specific cities like Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton to specific regions, islands and throughout New Zealand.

What are the Different Types of LinkedIn Ads on Offer?

LinkedIn offers businesses a choice over 10 ad formats when creating campaigns, including:

  1. Single image ads: appear in feeds and look like regular posts
  2. Video ads: 3 second to 30 minute video ads appearing in feeds
  3. InMail/Message ads: text ads delivered to active user inboxes
  4. Conversation ads: another message ad format for generating leads
  5. Spotlight ads: eye-catching ads highlighting products and services
  6. Carousel ads: a swipeable row of up to 10 images
  7. Job ads: used to promote positions you’re hiring for
  8. Follower ads: promoted to encourage users to follow you
  9. Text ads: PPC ads appearing in the side banner
  10. Lead gen forms: capture contact details in return for something of value.

Our LinkedIn marketing company can help you find the right ad format for your campaign depending on your target market and objectives.

What are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads allow your business to place sponsored content in front of target audiences, helping you generate leads within the largest online professional network. Choose from a variety of formats including text ads, image ads, video ads and message ads. Managed through the LinkedIn Campaign Manager platform, you can choose different objectives for your LinkedIn advertising, including brand awareness and website visits.

Target your campaign based on demographics like location and professional traits like industry and job title. Once you’re ready to start advertising, you enter your bid amount and campaign budget. After launching your ad, you can monitor campaign progress with insightful metrics like impressions and clicks. Maximise the reach and ROI of your campaign with help from a LinkedIn advertising agency like LocaliQ.

What Types of Businesses are Suitable for LinkedIn Ads?

A wide range of businesses can take advantage of LinkedIn advertising, with a variety of formats, targeting options and pricing tiers to suit different circumstances. B2B businesses, in particular, can benefit from reaching key decision makers in organisations. Of course, LinkedIn users are also ordinary consumers looking for products and services across a range of categories. This includes professional service providers like lawyers, accountants, architects, education institutions, medical practitioners and tech companies.

What are the Benefits of LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn is notorious for delivering high conversions. According to LinkedIn data, the average conversion rate for ad campaigns on the platform is approximately 6.1%, significantly higher than Google’s average conversion rate of 2.5%. With help from an experienced LinkedIn Ads agency, you can build a significant stream of new leads with a well-targeted, creative ad campaign.

A variety of placements and formats are available when advertising on LinkedIn. This includes Sponsored Content, consisting of text, image or video ads, and Sponsored Messaging, which appears directly in user message inboxes. As an experienced LinkedIn marketing agency, LocaliQ can help you determine the best approach to suit your campaign goals and target audiences.

Do LinkedIn Ads Really Work for B2B or Tech Companies?

Tech companies and businesses with a B2B focus, such as software solutions, telecommunications companies and financial services, can benefit significantly from reaching corporate decision-makers and industry influencers with targeted ads on the platform. Marketing on LinkedIn allows you to refine your audience based on industry, job title, current company, location and other attributes relevant to your business.

How Much Does a LinkedIn Marketing Campaign Cost?

The cost of hiring a LinkedIn advertising company for your campaign depends on the format and scope of your ads. Like many social media platforms, LinkedIn operates via an auction system where advertisers bid on target audiences and key terms. A variety of factors determine which advertisers win the most prominent placements, including bid amount and relevance to users.

Our LinkedIn ad agency can help your business develop an optimised bidding strategy that balances visibility against cost. We specialise in maximising ROI and achieving your marketing objectives while providing honest advice on how to set budgets to meet your goals. We also offer insights, during and after campaigns, on your expenditure and returns using specific metrics like cost per conversion.

Client Testimonial

“I’d recommend LocaliQ to other businesses. The transparency in their campaigns means we can see exactly where all of our dollars go. Instead of getting the smaller jobs, we’re getting bigger, greater value jobs, and servicing a better clientele than we ever have before.”

Blair Collins, Production Manager, Guardian Screens & Shutters

Searches for “available near me” have grown by over 100% in the last year.

Google, 2021

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