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Grow Your Business with Instagram Advertising in New Zealand

Say kia ora to more sales and boost your market share with unique Instagram ads that go beyond likes and follows. With over a billion monthly users and growing, Instagram is the perfect platform to discover Kiwis looking for your services and products. Take your brand to new heights with Instagram advertising services designed to help you grow on-demand.

Get measurable results with LocaliQ, New Zealand’s trusted Instagram advertising agency. We deliver tailored campaigns that combine technology, data and automation with human-led creativity and innovation. Fine-tune your marketing strategy and start generating real value for your brand with campaigns focused on boosting ROI.

Generate More Leads, Conversions and Sales with Our Instagram Ads Agency

Discover your target audience and create Instagram ads users won’t just scroll past. Our strategic campaigns reach your target customer at the right time with content and messaging that truly resonates. With a suite of creative delivery options, we specialise in refining your ads to nurture and convert audiences across the platform.

Wherever you’re located in NZ and whatever industry you’re in, Instagram can be a valuable tool. Whether you’re looking to increase leads, generate conversions or boost sales, our experienced Instagram management agency understands how to effectively leverage the unique tools and formats on the platform to sell products online, increase service enquiries and direct traffic to your website. We’ll help you maximise the opportunities available on Instagram to grow your brand awareness and increase your profits.

Build Your Brand with Our Instagram Advertising Services

As one of the most popular social media platforms, with a large, growing user base across multiple demographics, Instagram is ideal for building your online presence. Create engagement and generate new opportunities to spread beyond your follower base to reach audiences who aren’t familiar with your products, services and brand. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses small and large across Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch build their brand.

With a tailored strategy and a creative Instagram ad campaign managed by our team, your business can make the most of the platforms. Our in-depth knowledge helps us leverage the power of Instagram’s precise targeting tools and advanced algorithms so you can meet and exceed your marketing goals. Create stylish, eye-catching content that functions as a powerful lead generation and sales tool that transforms relevant prospects into new customers.

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Create Instagram Ads That Enrich Your Brand Image

Capture the attention of your unique audience base with visually pleasing content that enriches your online presence and sends intrigued customers to your website or app. Nurture existing followers and their connections with engaging content designed to generate steady growth for your brand using organic and paid content. As an experienced Instagram advertising agency, we specialise in crafting the ideal mix of strategies and tactics to give your brand an edge over the competition. Establish an enticing brand image while optimising ad campaigns through analytics, market research and user behaviour.

Our multidisciplinary team incorporates your Instagram ad strategy into your wider multichannel marketing strategy, so your brand image offers cohesive messaging across all social media platforms, search engines and website advertising. Create an effective buyer funnel with multiple touch points across the online browsing experience. Build a memorable brand and boost sales by targeting the right users with ad content that resonates.

Audience Targeting

Owned by Facebook, Instagram offers the same powerful targeting tools managed through the Meta Business Suite. Get your ads in front of the right audiences with laser-precision targeting based on location, demographics, interests and user behaviour. Discover what your audiences like to see and capture their attention with ad creatives that cut through the noise and motivate prospects to find out more.

Utilise the Power of Hashtags and CTAs

Drive more conversions with relevant hashtags and get discovered by new users. Turn those discoveries into new opportunities with a call to action that takes users to a relevant product page, landing page, online store or app download page. These are classic fundamentals of a good Instagram ad, offering a simple but highly effective way of increasing your reach and boosting sales.

Transparent Reporting

Access deep insights into your campaigns that help take your Instagram ad to the next level. Our transparent monitoring and reporting tools are focused on uncovering the best strategies to help your brand succeed, from evaluating the best performing creatives to testing different strategies and tweaking existing ads based on live metrics.

Ecommerce Integrations

Turn your Instagram profile into a perfectly functioning online shopfront with  eCommerce integrations. Simplify online shopping for your customers and create a sales-driving machine with targeted ads. Reach users interested in your product range based on demographics and past profile behaviours. Boost engagement with ads that showcase products, offering pricing and delivery information, complete with a direct purchase link.

Boost Visibility and Reach New Customers by Advertising on Instagram

Build your brand’s presence with ROI-focused campaigns designed to engage users and complement their experience on the platform. Instagram ads can seamlessly integrate into the platform without sticking out as disruptive, irritating paid promotion. With well-designed ads that are cleverly targeted and positioned, we’ll help you weave your brand messaging into user feeds, explore pages and stories in ways that endear users to your business.

Grow your organic reach and find your ideal audience across the Instagram platform with automated targeting strengthened by manual selections based on demographics and user behaviour. We use advanced algorithms to further refine your audience based on interactions and conversion data. With help from our Instagram agency, boosting visibility and reaching new customers is easier than ever before.

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FAQs About Instagram Advertising

What is an Instagram Marketing Agency?

An Instagram marketing agency helps businesses promote themselves on the platform, creating and managing targeted ad campaigns based on specific goals like gaining followers, growing brand awareness, boosting web traffic and increasing sales. Our Instagram management agency creates Instagram ads for you with a flexible suite of services based on your needs.

Some brands supply raw images or video files we can repurpose for ad campaigns while other times we’ll manage the content creation and ad campaign process from start to finish. Whatever your goals, our expert Instagram advertising agency is here to help.

Is Instagram Marketing Worth It?

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, with over a billion active monthly users and over 400 million active daily users. Countless Kiwis use the platform each day to share content, catch up with friends, follow their favourite creators and celebrities, keep up to date with news and engage with brands.

Instagram features the highest user engagement rate out of all social media platforms, including the highest engagement between brands and users. At least 50% of users follow brands on Instagram and regularly discover products and services on the platform. This makes it a powerful tool for any business looking to grow.

How Much Does it Cost to Put an Ad on Instagram?

The cost of Instagram ads varies depending on how you set your budget and bidding strategy. A range of pricing structures are available to help you get the most out of your ad spend depending on your goals and priorities. The LocaliQ team offers tailored advice on how much to invest and what kind of results you can expect based on your budget and goals.

How Do I Get Started Advertising on Instagram?

Advertising on Instagram is easy. Simply create a profile and start posting content your customers will be interested in. Turn that content into paid ads that reach users outside your follower base. Through the Meta advertising ecosystem, you can also create specialised ad placements across Stories as well as unique formats that integrate with your online store. Our experienced Instagram agency can manage the entire process for you, creating targeted ads that boost your brand’s online presence and drive conversions.

How Do Instagram Ads Reach My Customers?

With millions of users across every audience segment on Instagram, there are opportunities for businesses of all sizes to connect with and convert potential customers. Instagram’s powerful targeting tools allow you to connect specific types of content with customer profiles, using information like location, age, gender, income, interests and profile interactions to create Instagram ads that reach relevant users.

How are Instagram Ads Different from Google Ads?

Google Ads reach potential customers across search engine results as well as Google apps like YouTube and Gmail, along with third party websites and other apps that are part of the Google Display Network. Brands can choose a variety of ad formats on Google, ranging from text-based ads to images, GIFs and videos. Instagram tends to be more visually based, with image and video based apps targeted to users within the platform.

If you’re a brand with a visual product, Instagram’s video ads and branded content are particularly good for generating user engagement. Both Google Ads and Instagram Ads are highly effective ways for businesses to engage potential customers across a range of industries and work well in tandem as part of a multichannel marketing strategy.

Can Instagram Advertising Work for B2B Brands?

Instagram drives great results for B2B brands looking to reach business owners and decision-makers in companies. Short-form video ads on the platform are a powerful way to showcase B2B products such as technology solutions, with direct links that make it easy to convert prospects. The key to success is having a great strategy and the right team to help you manage your tailored campaign.

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“I would recommend LocaliQ to other businesses as they have shown how to future-proof our business to ensure we are leading the pack. LocaliQ have the knowledge, know-how, and resources to keep up to speed with today’s fast-moving digital world.”

Ian Sadler, Sales Manager, Canterbury Caravans

Searches for “available near me” have grown by over 100% in the last year.

Google, 2021

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